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Introducing the exceptional talents of Asha Romeo

        A Coloratura Soprano of Unparalleled Versatility.  Prepare to be enraptured by the extraordinary talents of Asha Romeo, a coloratura soprano whose celestial voice knows no bounds. Born amidst the captivating landscapes of Ethiopia, Asha’s life was forever transformed when at age 18 months she was lovingly adopted into a family of professional musicians in Boulder Colorado. Nurtured by her musical family, her passion and vocal prowess flourished into an awe-inspiring instrument that now stirs hearts and leaves audiences spellbound. Asha's musical journey continues to be a testament to her unwavering dedication and undeniable gifts.


        Asha's pursuit of musical excellence led her to the esteemed University of Colorado where she honed her skills earning degrees in Vocal Performance and Music Education. Under the guidance of renowned teachers, coaches, and mentors from The San Francisco Conservatory of Music to the Interlochen Summer Arts Program, she delved into the art of storytelling through song, refining her talent and embracing the diverse array of musical genres that would eventually become her canvas.


        To Asha, the stage is a realm of boundless possibilities—a place where she becomes a chameleon, effortlessly embodying an array of characters with captivating authenticity. Her ability to inhabit and convincingly portray a wide range of roles has garnered her the well-deserved nom de guerre "Chameleon of the Stage." Whether she is breathing life into the sinister Witch from "Into The Woods" or captivating audiences as the enigmatic Sally Bowles in "Cabaret", Asha's performances are nothing short of transformative.

        Notably, Asha's portrayal of Joanne Jefferson in "Rent" at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts drew critical acclaim and earned her a prestigious Bobby G. Awards nomination for Best Lead Actress. Her magnetic presence and unwavering commitment to her craft transports audiences to the raw emotions and complexities of the characters she inhabits.


        Beyond her vocal prowess, Asha's dance proficiency in tap, ballet, and jazz enhances her ability to tailor her performances to the requirements of any given character. With graceful movements and precise execution, she seamlessly weaves dance into her repertoire, adding an extra layer of depth to her portrayals.


        Asha's talent has been recognized through frequent accolades as she has emerged victorious in vocal and theater competitions in Colorado’s Front Range and beyond with a 2nd Place and two 1st Place Awards in Musical Theater and Classical Performance at the prestigious NATS Artist Awards. In 2018 Asha was honored to open the Silicon Valley GROW Awards with a stirring rendition of the U.S. National Anthem. Her exceptional abilities were showcased when she performed "All I Ask Of You" from "Phantom of the Opera" alongside Broadway star Brent Barrett at the illustrious March 2023 Las Vegas Super Jam, leaving the audience captivated and moved to tears.


        Join those who have been swept away by the undeniable magic of Asha's ethereal voice and captivating stage presence. Her promo pack promises a journey through a kaleidoscope of emotions, where her versatility as a coloratura soprano shines brightly. Celebrate the remarkable talent of an artist whose star is ascendant. One destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of music and performance.

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Asha with Broadway Star,
Brent Barrett

“Durch Zärtlichkeit und Schmeicheln" from the opera ‘Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail’
(‘The Abduction of Seraglio’), by W. A. Mozart

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